Custom Cake Order

How much time is needed for an order

For a basic whole cake, we recommend a 2 days in advance notice. This gives us a flexibility to fit in a time for your cake.

For an artisan cake, the order process should start at least 3 weeks prior to pick-up date. Since orders are custom made just for you, we do need ample time to design and create them. Understanding your needs and coming up with a design may take anywhere from one day to a week depending on the product and design elements. Once a design has been chosen a deposit will need to be made to confirm your order. 

Do keep in mind that orders should be confirmed with deposits at least 2 weeks prior to the pick-up date. Our creations are handmade, and we try our best to accommodate all our customers’ celebrations. To avoid any disappointments that we may not be able to take your order due to our availability, it is best to place and confirm your order well in advance. The earlier the better!!

What cake flavours do you have?

Set Flavors:

Earl Grey Chocolate Matcha

Earl grey cake with matcha buttercream & chocolate ganache between each layer.

Mango Passion Fruit *GF

Vanilla cake layered with passion fruit buttercream and real mango filling.

Honey Lavender

Honey soaked lavender cake layered with vanilla bean buttercream

Chocolate Salted Caramel *GF

Chocolate cake layered with salted caramel buttercream, caramel filling and chocolate ganache

Carrot Cake

Moist carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.

Lemon Cake *GF

Vanilla cake layered with lemon buttercream and lemon curd filling.

Coffee swirl cake *GF

Coffee swirl cake layered with coffee buttercream

Strawberry Champagne Cake

Champagne cake with strawberry buttercream and strawberry filling

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake *GF

Chocolate cake with peanut butter buttercream and chocolate ganache.

Cinnamon Bun Cake

Cinnamon swirl cake layered with cream cheese frosting.

Caramel Hazelnut Banoffee Cake *GF

Vanilla cake with banoffee and caramel filing, layered with hazelnut buttercream.

Pistachio Raspberry *GF

Vanilla cake layered with pistachio buttercream, raspberry filling and coated in crushed pistachios.

Rocky Turtle Cake*GF

Chocolate cake layered with peanut butter buttercream, chocolate ganache, marshmallows, pecans and walnuts.

Cookies n Cream

Chocolate cake layered with cookies n cream buttercream, rushed Oreos and chocolate ganache.

Golden Cookies n Cream

Vanilla cake layered with vanilla buttercream and crushed oreos.

Chocolate Hazelnut Crunch Cake

Chocolate cake layered with hazelnut buttercream and crushed Ferrero Rocher.

*GF = Gluten Free option available

If none of the above flavors appealed to you, you can also build your own cake by choose a cake and frosting. You can also option for a filling for the cake.

Cake Flavor:Filling Flavors:Add Ins:
□ Vanilla*GF
□ Chocolate*GF
□ Red Velvet
□ Strawberry
□ Blueberry
□ Raspberry
□ Caramel
□ Oreos
□ Ferrero Rocher
□ Marshmallow
□ Almonds
□ Pecan
□ Walnut
□ Pistachios
Frosting Flavors (Buttercream based unless stated otherwise)
□ Vanilla Bean Buttercream
□ Chocolate Ganache
□ Cream cheese
□ Strawberry Buttercream
□ Blueberry Buttercream
□ Raspberry Buttercream
□ Matcha Buttercream

For cupcake flavors please check out our cupcake page

What is the pricing for a custom order?

Pricing for custom orders may vary depending on the product, design, and amount of time needed to hand make certain elements of the order. The average and starting prices of our custom items are listed below.

Custom CakesAverage PriceServings
6 inch
8 inch
10 inch
*Prices listed are average based on cakes with moderate amount of decorations,
prices will vary depending on design and amount of hours needed to complete the cake
*number of servings per cake is based on serving size of 1"x2"
Custom CupcakesPrice
(Min. order of 12)
Bite size
$3.75+ each
$2.75+ each
Cake Pops
*includes individual packaging
(Min. order 12)
Custom colors
$3.00 eachVanilla
Red Velvet
Custom shapes and decorationsPrices vary depending on design,
please contact us for custom quote
Cheesecake Pops
*Includes individual packaging
(Min. order of 12)
Custom Colors
$3.00 each
Custom decorationPrices vary depending on design,
please contact us for custom quote
Sugar Cookies (approx. 3inches in width)Starting Price
(Min. order of 12)
$3.50+ each
$1.00 each
Cookie Pop
*Includes individual packaging
*prices vary depending on the intricacy of the design and how many hours it will take to complete

How to get started with your order?

To start the ordering process you can visit us at our store to fill out a Custom Order Request

If there are any items that you have such as colour swatches, invitation, or photos please email to us at [email protected]. We can use these as inspiration to design your order.

How to confirm the order?

A 50% deposit is required to confirm and secure your order. All orders placed under 1 week will need to be paid in full. We accept cash, debit or cheque payments in store. Final payment for orders will be due at time of pick up.

Note: Cheque payment must be made at least 10 days prior to due day.

Wedding Cakes

Is there a fee for Wedding Cake Consultation

There is no fee for the consultation. We just ask for for about an hour of your time and we recommend to keep the number of participants to no more than 3 people. Please fill in the Consultation Request Form here or call us at 604-563-1818 to book a time.

If you are planning your wedding remotely or if time does not permit a face to face consultation or if you simply prefer to do it via email, we can also provide you with a wedding cake design and quotation. Please fill out the Wedding Cake Request Form to get started!

Wedding Cake Pricing

A quotation will be sent to you after the consultation (in person or via email) Because each cake is unique, we do not have set price list for wedding cakes.

There are many factors that affect the price of the cake and can vary greatly depending on the design.  Please note that the amount of decorating time put into each cake is the main element impacting the price of it.  A smaller cake will not necessarily be less expensive than a larger one if the same number of decorating hours is required to create both cakes.

As a general guideline, a 3 tier wedding cake with 78 servings starts at roughly around $450.

Do you offer free cake tasting?

Our wedding cake tasting box is like a DIY flavor kit, with un-iced cakes and fillings/frostings on the side so you can explore our flavors and come up with something you like most. Tasting is complimentary if your order exceeds $580. The Wedding Cake Tasting box is $32 if your order does not meet the minimum order.

Wedding Cake Flavors

You can customize your cake flavour by choosing a cake, filling and a frosting. Please see the below chart for full details.

Cake Flavor:Filling Flavors:Add Ins:
□ Vanilla*GF
□ Chocolate *GF
□ Earl Grey*GF
□ Red Velvet
□ Carrot
□ Lavender*GF
□ Banoffee (Banana Toffee)
□ Strawberry
□ Mango
□ Blueberry
□ Lemon Curd
□ Raspberry
□ Caramel

□ Toasted Almond Slices
□ Pecan
□ Walnut
□ Oreo (crushed cookies)
□ Crushed Ferrero Rocher
□ Marshmallows
Frosting Flavors (Buttercream based unless stated otherwise)
□ Vanilla Bean
□ Chocolate Ganache
□ Cream cheese Buttercream
□ Cookies n Cream
□ Hazelnut
□ Matcha
□ Salted Caramel
□ Lavender
□ Lemon
□ Strawberry
□ Blueberry
□ Raspberry
□ Peanut Butter
□ Choc Hazelnut
□ Passion Fruit

For cupcake flavors please check out our cupcake page 

Set up and Delivery

For large multi-tiered cake/cupcake tower/cakes with 100 servings or more/cakes with delicate structural set ups; set up and delivery (within 15km) is included in our cake quotations. If your venue is outside our 15km radius or if located in an area where traffic may take more time, extra charges may apply.

Delivery and set up may be excluded from your cake quotation depending on your budget. In any case, we will specify in the quotation if delivery and set up is included.

Stands & equipment for Hire

We have a variety of cake/cupcakes stands available for hire. During the consultation process, we will recommend the best option for your cake.

How much cake do I need?

The industry standard wedding cake serving size is 1” x 2” x 4” (height of the cake). Double serving size can be achieved if we half the height of the cake, thus creating serving size of 1”x 2” x 2”.

For your convenience we have prepared the following chart for your reference.

Round CakeServingsDouble ServingRound CakeServingsDouble Serving
8"26526" + 8" 4080
10"38766" + 8" + 10" 78156
6" + 8" + 10" +12"134268

If you are choosing a tiered cake, it is important to let your caterer know the way you would like to cut the cake. This ensures that you will be getting the correct servings needed out of your cake.